Our Services

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases by their nature require that a lawyer be able to plead before the courts and a criminal case is a form of art and talent in practice and experience, and criminal cases also rely on experience in the preparation of a defense and the drafting of legal consultant opinions to defend the innocence or commutation of the sentence of the accused.


Mr. Fahad Anwar Al-Haddad and his office’s team have gained wide fame in the field of criminal proceedings through taking over several months and the biggest criminal cases in Kuwait and various kinds of cases, including crimes of murder, money-laundering cases and various other kinds of crimes of forgery, beating and embezzlement of public funds.


Civil Disputes

The Civil Code of the Law is known as the Father of the laws, since it is one of the most in-depth laws, most of which are provisions, and are comprehensive and concerned with individual transactions, and hence the importance of having experienced and specialized personnel in civil litigation.


Therefore, we have been keen at the Office of Lawyer Fahad Al-Haddad to provide the assistant team of the consultant specialized in the field of civil law and the highest levels of expertise and capabilities that help us to achieve the aspirations of our customers and to achieve their interests.


Commercial Transactions

Thanks to the Almighty, the office of lawyer Fahad Anwar Al-Haddad has achieved an advanced position in the handling of commercial litigations by reviewing the results that the office has achieved for its clients, whetherindividuals or companies.


The Office has handled many commercial cases, including disputes arising from real estate finance operations - leases and profits - disputes concerning  companies of various kinds of illegal competition, monopoly and trade agencies; bankruptcy and liquidation suits, investment contract issues, commercial loans and all disputes arising therefrom.


Financial Markets

The office of the lawyer Fahad Al-Haddad provides legal services and consultation for our  clients’ transactions in the field of securities, and we work to provide services with high professionalism and speed due to the fast commercial dealings in the stock market both in the local market and in other international markets.


Due to the need to communicate directly throughout the week with our customers, a special section has been dedicated to disputes concerning money markets, based on  legal consultant to customers before and duringtransactions and granting the customer  legal cover, both from domestic legislation of the Capital Markets Authority Act and foreign legislation, in the case of transactions planned in overseas markets; The section also deals with the drafting and review of securities, shares, sukuk and contracts, the review of the legal positions of the companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange and foreign  markets, and the organization and preparation of the records of the public associations of companies, in a manner that serves the interests of the customers.


Aerial and Maritime Transport

The office of lawyer Fahad Anwar Al-Haddad has gained extensive experience in providing legal services to customers working in the field of maritime and  aerial transport.

In particular, because of its long-standing reputation for aerial transport, the Office has been assigned the task of providing legal services to the company based on the management and operation of the terminal (T4) at Kuwait International Airport.


The Office has also cooperated with several agents of companies engaged in maritime transport activity in the State of Kuwait in the provision of legal services, consultations, drafting and review of contracts and in the representation of clients in disputes arising from maritime transport transactions.


Arbitration and Conciliation

We are working with the Office of Lawyer Fahad Al-Haddad to provide legal services to our customers in the field of arbitration in civil and commercial disputes, and the office has gained experience in representing clients before arbitration bodies and also participating in arbitration bodies through the chairmanship or membership of the authority in order to meet the aspirations of our customers.


We are also interested in the office of lawyer Fahad Al-Haddad, regulating the drafting of arbitration contracts drafted by us for the benefit of our customers in  terms  of determining the composition of the body assigned to adjudicate disputes; the law is applicable to the subject of the dispute; and any other regulations required by our clients’ dealings.


Administrative Disputes

We strive to provide legal services to our clients in the field of administrative disputes at the level of individuals and companies, through an integrated team with a high level of experience in the field of administrative litigation.


The section on administrative lawsuits has been allocated because of the sensitivity of dealing with them, since most  administrative  proceedings are linked to due process and due process deadlines, which, if successful, render the case inadmissible in the form and it means a loss of the rights of individuals and companies to non-observance of legal deadlines. 


Administrative lawsuits include disputes by public officials against -the State- run authority with regard to the public service of administrative penalties, Transfer of an official, assignment, promotion, salaries, bonuses and any other decisions relating to the public service, and also the forms of administrative contracts entered into by the State with companies, licensing decisions and others.


Labor Disputes

We work in the office of lawyer Fahad Al-Haddad to provide the legal services that are in crisis for our customers in the field of labor disputes, whether the money of companies or individuals working in the private sector is represented before Judiciary.


We also offer for the clients of the corporates a service of drafting and reviewing employment contracts in accordance with the Labor Law in the Civil Sector, drafting corporate administrative regulations and administrative sanctions regulations in the interest of the customer and in conformity with the provisions of the Labor Law in the Civil Sector.


Family Disputes and Personal Status

The Family Court was established by Act No. 12 of 2015, and the Family Court under this Act alone is competent to hear the cases of the alleged theft, after having heard such disputes before the personal status services of the Court of Appeal, Appeal and Discrimination.


The law included a set of procedures for the litigation system created under it. It also established family courts in all governorates of the State of Kuwait, as well as vision centers distributed in several areas. Litigation degrees in matters related to the law were also limited to the degrees of college and appeal without discrimination, except in some cases, Enumerated by law.


Following the promulgation of the Family Court Act. Jaafari’s personal status law was also passed, according to which the disputes of personal status became pending before the court, governed by specific legal texts, after they were subject to doctrinal opinions and jurisprudence.


Fahad Al-Haddad office provides clients with legal services in the field of family disputes and personal status, both by representing clients before the judiciary and by offering legal consultant through a specialized team of the highest level of expertise composed of lawyers and consultants.


Collection of Funds

The office of the lawyer Fahad Anwar Al-Haddad provides the customers with the collection fund services to collect the funds of the clients through the collection department of the office.


The Funds Collection Department at the Lawyer Fahad Al-Haddad Office was established to meet the needs of our esteemed corporate clients in particular. The collection  department consists of a team of consultants specialized in reviewing and verifying financial claims securities, preparing warnings of fulfillment, newspapers of claims and performance orders, and an integrated team of liaison officers (Call Center) concerned with communicating with debtors and demanding them to fulfill all friendly means; By filing official warnings, filing lawsuits and performance orders against those who fail to fulfill


Drafting and Review of contracts

Fahad Al-Haddad Lawyer Office provides its clients and companies with legal services related to the drafting of various types of contracts according to the legal controls required by the type of contract and in the best interest of the client. We also review contracts  concluded to verify the legal status of the client and the compliance of contracts with the provisions of the law, through a section dedicated to the audit and review of contracts.